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200 steps

How many steps does it take to create something magnificent?
200 steps

Important results are those that are obtained over time, those that require great patience and constant dedication. The most authentic craftsmanship is created starting from a continuous overlapping of processes, which are sometimes slow, sometimes complex, and sometimes require specialized skills.

The works of every great artist are the result of an extraordinary creative process. For example, a pianist rewrites their compositions until their idea is so powerful as to communicate a sensation. An actor plays the most singular and unexpected characters to assert their chameleonic adaptability and natural ability to surprise and amaze in every film. A photographer is constantly looking for an image that can provoke an emotional reaction in the viewer. 

Inspired by the about 200 steps necessary to produce a Canali suit, 200 Steps is a series of video interviews where talented men share their creative processes and the secrets to their originality. Because what really counts in the creation of each masterpiece are small gestures, details, minutiae. Just like the infinite points and steps to make a Canali suit.



Job Wouters, calligrapher
Toby Stephens, actor
Giovanni Gastel, photographer
Barber & Osgerby, industrial designers
Ludovico Einaudi, pianist and composer
JJ Acuna, architect, interior designer, writer and blogger
Paul McGinley, golfer and captain of Team Europe for the Ryder Cup
Andrea Berton, chef
Michael Douglas, actor
Guido Gobino, Master Chocolatier
Riccardo Zacconi, entrepreneur