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A tireless ally to face everyday challenges with style.

Impeccabile is the man who masters every aspect of his life with style. Starting from this idea, Canali has developed its most popular product line: a perfect combination of elegance and softness, which accompanies the wearer even during the busiest schedules.

Born in 2015, Impeccabile is a line that has the specific purpose of guaranteeing maximum comfort for those who never stop –  insatiable travellers and tireless workers who run from one appointment to the next.

It is the quality of these products that makes them unique. The fabrics used to make the Impeccabile line have a particular elasticity. Fine pure wool yarns are twisted more than twice as much as a traditional yarn, giving the fibers a natural flexibility. Impeccabile is also crease-resistant. Its incredible resistance to creases follows every movement even on the busiest days.

A special stain and water repellent treatment gives Impeccabile garments a natural slipperiness, whether it is a rainy day or a drop of coffee, shaking the fabric lets any liquid substance slip away, preventing the fibers from absorbing it and staining.

Impeccabile is much more than a fabric. It is a concept, realized in a series of products which are suitable for a dynamic and elegant lifestyle, which is inextricably linked to Canali.