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[The corresponding Italian word garbo derives from the Arab «model»].  Lightness, grace, a beautiful manner in gestures and demeanor, and especially in dealing with people, as well as courtesy and politeness.

Garbo is a harmony of spirit, respectful behavior, the ability to make a gesture in a graceful way. Garbo feeds man’s inner nobility, it has little to do with descent, but rather with knowledge. Knowing makes one noble, and nobility is expressed through kindness. 

Garbo is not only a human attitude, but it also refers to the fineness of a work of art, the sinuosity of a line, the elegance of a dress. 

For Canali, garbo is expressed in the harmonious and precise form that distinguishes its garments, made with wise and patient research and modelling. Garbo is an indispensable component of every creation, which is transmitted from the garment to the wearer.

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