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[The corresponding Italian word italianità derives from italiano]. — Following what is considered to be peculiarly Italian or proper to Italians in language, character, customs, culture, civilization.

There is something magnetic and unique that continues to fascinate millions of people around the world about the Belpaese, a classic poetic expression for Italy. The concept of Italianity is a mentally represented by a set of images which correspond to a constellation of attributes: conviviality, empathy, passion, beauty, a theatricality of gestures. 

For Canali, the Italian spirit is the founding element of Made in Italy: three words that summarize a long journey in which culture and history, style and taste, the search for excellence and respect for professionalism, quality and reliability are all intertwined. 

All of the company’s factories are Italian. The best fabrics and materials that make up all garments’ interiors, linings and buttons are Italian. The sartorial culture that inspires the brand is Italian, combining the most advanced technology with sophisticated craftsmanship and care.

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